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Not very good in the beginning

April 27th, 2019

Not very good in the beginning

A little about my Fine Art America experience. I have had my own personal photography site for years but dabbled in this group since 2011. I put up an image here and an image there - nothing really earthshaking. However, over the past few weeks I have been posting more and getting involved with the community. To that end, I have been putting up my "go to" images and the ones that are an appropriate size for the site. I have also been going through hundreds of old images to see what, if anything, was missed.

And all I can say is "ugggghhh!" Many of the old images leave much to be desired. I thought I was awesome in the olden days. Just brilliant!!! Now, in looking back, I can see how un-awesome I really was.

Except for birthday party pix, I never took a photograph until the digital age. I got my first digital in 1999 and was off to snapping everything. Since they thought I was decent at this photography thing, my corporate boss asked me to photograph and write about staff. Then my health care boss asked me to write and photograph for the publication and website that I managed.

I got my first real SLR in 2006 and began photographing the sea and wild birds from our boat - all with the automatic camera settings. I knew nothing about the mechanics of photography and refused to learn. My thoughts were that the details will interfere with the creative process. I just snapped away and had many beautiful scenes on the water to do it with.

UNTIL I saw a tiny fawn laying under a tree one evening. The setting sun was glowing on his beautiful face. It was dusk and the lighting and scene was out of this world. As many frames as I shot, there was no getting the nuances of the scene in automatic's mode. Next day I traded in the automatic for a manual camera and decided to truly learn the trade.

Still can't say I am awesome compared to some of the photographers on this site but a hundred times better than I was in 1999.